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Instagram shot by paigeyaux

Who inspires me to pursue my career goals?💡 . The fabulous Lady Hale! A champion for gender equality & diversity - not only is she the first female president in the Supreme Court, but she’s also been very influential in modernising the legal system.⚖️ . Lady Hale is not one to shy away from a challenge! This serves as such a brilliant reminder for females to be brave in male dominated industries and to always speak their mind.💪 . In addition to a successful legal career, you’ll also find her in Vogue, judging MasterChef and shopping for that iconic collection of brooches. When searching for graduate roles it’s so important to me that I can build a successful career, but also not lose my personality or values along the way.👩🏻 ⚖️🕷 . The Beyoncé of the legal world, a fellow northern princess and a reputation for constantly breaking barriers; thank you Lady Hale!🙅 ♀️ . #uinspire #manchester #ulaw

paigeyaux (@paigeyaux) posted on Instagram