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“Who Inspires Me to Pursue a Career in Law and Why” The person, or rather persons, who inspired me to pursue a career in law are my mentors from my time in Scouts, as well as all my close friends standing alongside me. The experiences and cherished memories I made whilst working with them, learning with them, and sticking together through thick and thin heavily influenced me to become who I am today. My experience in Scouts taught me the strengths of working together as a team to achieve a common goal, the resilience and humility of a supportive leadership, as well as the determination to push through towards my aspirations. However, the one scout virtue that resonated with me the most was the virtue of kindness and the desire to help everyone regardless of who they may be, and this led me to realise just how much I enjoyed helping others. Just as I volunteered with non-profit service groups and NGO’s back in Hong Kong, I continued to do so with my university’s Pro Bono Society, particularly Project Aspire and OutLAW, and I hope that I can continue to serve my community in the future. It was this realisation which played a fundamental role in my decision to pursue a career in law. I wanted to better the lives of those around me regardless of the context. Whilst I initially veered heavily towards criminal law due to my early exposure to it, I came to appreciate the potential that commercial law offered. Within the various sectors, I could work on projects which have the potential to help by improving the current situation, all whilst still continuing my passion for volunteering with good and wonderful causes in my community. And this is my story of who inspires me to pursue a career in law and why. ___________________ u_law #Uinspire #nottingham #competition

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