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I was inspired to pursue a career in law by Nazir Afzal OBE. The former Chief Crown Prosecutor has had the responsibility for more than 100,000 prosecutions each year and is known as “the true face of British justice”. I admire his determination to bring justice for those who are voiceless and have been victims of heinous crimes such as honor-based killings, forced marriages, domestic violence, child sexual abuse, and modern slavery. I applaud his involvement with charities and numerous NGO’s which show that he does not simply treat bringing justice as a profession, but also as a way of life as he performs his duties with warmth and compassion. I had attended Nazir’s conference earlier this year, where he had shared a valuable piece of advice: “never be discouraged by what others say or think of you, if you believe in your self, you can achieve anything”. He has inspired me to go above and beyond to make positive changes for people around the world and to perform my responsibilities not just professionally, but wholeheartedly. I truly respect the changes and impact he has given rise to through his career and I aspire to help others in the same manner by pursuing a career in law. #Uinspire #Repost #ULaw #Manchester

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