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long time no see! ive been super stressed recently. I was in Florida for two weeks and had a flare up, so my joints were in so much pain, but my skin has never felt better, which is a massive positive! I’ve got so much to do, and this cold could not have come at a worse time. it’s mock week this week and I haven’t been sleeping until 3:30am every day this week, I have coursework to do, an exam to revise for, an oral presentation to do, plus my DBS for my job as a language assistant and catching up on all the work I’ve missed! and to top it all off, results day for our first exams is on Thursday! I would literally do anything to have these weights lifted off my shoulders🥺 #lawdegree #lawstudent #university #psoriasis #psoriaticarthritis #student #studying #ulaw #universityoflaw

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