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so sorry that I take so many long pauses in between posts!! - well semester one is over! handed all my coursework in (which I think I did really badly on) and did my contract exam (which went really well!!) I am spending this week trying to get ahead on readings and prepping for the work I will be missing when I go on holiday! we collected our course materials for semester two today and I cannot wait to start tort! dreading public law and I don’t know if I will enjoy eu but it’s worth finding out! - in terms of my health, I have now been on methotrexate for over a month for my psoriasis and my arthritis. it is still making me feel sick but it’s doing it’s job! my skin is clearing up (although I am having a slight flare up rn) and the pain in my knee is easing. I went for my first steroid injection two weeks ago (where I had a meltdown in the waiting room but I did it), and I am being given some new medication to ease the sickness. however, if these meds don’t work or make it worse, I may have to start injecting myself and I do NOT WANT TO DO THAT so I’m praying for an alternative!! #lawdegree #lawstudent #university #psoriasis #psoriaticarthritis #student #studying #ulaw #universityoflaw

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