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first week of the holidays and I’ve managed to keep to my study schedule (for the first time in forever!) I have a contract exam on the 14th January, so I am using a lil revision guide I made to understand the concepts better, then I use Quizlet to revise cases and all the important details. Quizlet is literally my life saver! I had a murder mystery party last night with some of my bestest friends (I’ve been part of these parties for the last 4 years, we do two or three a year), and it was certainly the de-stresser I needed, but coming back to revision today has been a tough one. Just going to try and knuckle down and get as much done as I can before Christmas (having xmas eve, xmas day and boxing day off) 🎄 I’m also trying to relax as much as possible, because my psoriatic arthritis is making stuff really difficult at the moment, but my skin is starting to calm down (but I know it’s gonna get to January and it will flare up again!!!) #lawstudent #ulaw #lawdegree #contractlaw #studying #psoriasis #psoriaticarthritis

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