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MY GOALS FOR THE NEXT SEMESTER AT UNIVERSITY💋 With my return to learning date approaching fast I wanted to set myself some goals to stick to! 1. PREPARATORY READING - always complete all of my set preparatory reading at least three days before my workshop in order to take my time, take appropriate notes and take it all in! 2. CONSOLIDATION - I will consolidate every single large group and workshop and go back through any area I am unsure of! 3. PRO-BONO - take part in more Pro-Bono opportunities when they come up to enhance my CV! 4. ORGANISATION - organise my week and days in advance so I know when I am doing certain activities, reading and when my calls are! 5. REST DAYS - last but definitely not least incorporate at least one rest day into each week to recharge and take some time for myself! Being a student it is easy to overwork yourself however taking care of yourself is just as important! If anyone else has any recommendations of goals they would like to share with me please do! I am always open to suggestions! #lawstudent #lawschoolmotivation #lawstudentlife #ulaw #goals #lawblog

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