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For anyone following me who is about to start the GDL or is considering it - I thought I’d put up a post on a typical prep day for workshops you do on the course - an average 3 a week. 80% of the course is literally preparing for the 2 hour workshops you have in each subject. When I first started the course I was so surprised at how practical the course was in the application of knowledge to “real life” constructed fact patterns - this is compared to studying purely academic work in my history undergraduate degree. • First off - reading from relevant study law manual, this can range from 30 to 80 pages - I’ll usually highlight information I think is important in order to make notes later after the workshop (ngl - this is usually the revision period 🤫) • Always attached is a prep activity which is problem-based; you’re given a set of facts in which you are applying the relevant statutory law/case law and what you’ve learnt from the study manual. 📖 These prep activities (+ workshop activities) definitely set you up for the exam. • Tutorials - these are online + usually complement what you’re learning from the manual eg today I watched a tutorial on the introduction to leases for land law (they can be great for summarising complex areas + only take an hour or so) • Actually in the workshop sessions - you’ll work in groups to do the activities + they take a very similar form to the prep activities. In the current remote #wfh situation its quite odd as we are watching the recording on our own before the scheduled session, then attending a live Q&A session. • All in all - to prep for a workshop + the lecture can take up to a day ie 9-6 (these are the hours I usually work!) #lawstudent

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