Live Prospectus - by the people who know us best, our students

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Who inspires my career goal...😅 My inspiration into the legal sector is my mentor. Despite all the struggles she went through during her adolescent years including financial disadvantages and discouragements from her teachers and peers, she successfully pursued her career in law. She faced many barriers, one being underachieving in her studies, however she merely used this setback as motivation to push towards her goal. Alongside all of this, she remained heavily involved in youth work and carried out the role of being a Youth Group Leader. She dedicated a large amount of her time to better the life of young people and showed sincerity in her actions. She demonstrated not only the ability to achieve her dreams but also to impact the lives of others. Having said all of this, her tremendous impact towards the community and individuals she comes in contact with on a daily basis is one that I want to share. Through the inspiration of her endeavours, I ultimately want to leave my own legacy by being an impact towards society. #uinspire #nottingham u_law 😀😀😀

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