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I envy people who have excelled in their careers and who have made a difference in the legal system, especially Lady Hale, a truly legal trailblazer. She has shown us what diversity is really about and has fought for equality. The person who truly inspires me is my older sister, a person who I have always looked up to. She studies what I believe is one of the most humane and hardest degrees, medicine, and she is working hard, day and night, to earn her doctorate degree in Germany. She showed me that times do get tough and the only thing we can do is persevere. She believes in the idea that every cloud has its silver lining and that you can pull through whatever gratifying and dreadful times you are going through. Her passion for medicine, her positive attitude and her ambitions to succeed in all that she does, is my true motivation and encouragement to do stand out in the things I do. Her hard work inspires me to achieve my own career goals in becoming a great lawyer and helping people in a similar way that she does. I hope to continue to be encouraged by her power and diligence and that my little sister will look up to me one day as well. #Uinspire #Birmingham

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