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Hey guys!✨ ♡ How are you all doing? I’ve been super stressed these past couple of days, as i was reminded that my oral presentation exam is coming up🥺 i’m not a very confident speaker, so i’m really worried for this task to come! ♡ does anyone have any advise to help become more confident? or any advice on how to properly write clear and structured notes to read off? it would be MUCH appreciated, thank you!✨ ♡ anyways, on a more positive note, i’ve been going over the basics of each subject that i’m currently studying! i like to type up my notes most of the time, but i feel like writing your notes really helps it stick in my head! ♡ i’d love to know what you guys have been getting up too recently! let me know in the comments or send me a DM! i’d love to have a chat😚 ♡ M🤍 #lawgirl #lawstudent #university #lockdown #lawgram #healthylawyer #ulaw #universityoflaw #motivation #keepgoing #exams

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