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⭐️ After months of reflection, I’ve finally decided to make a studygram/lawgram or whatever you want to call it hehe. ⭐️ For those who don’t know me i’m Meriam, an international student in London & I’m in the second term of the GDL at the University of Law. I will share why I decided to choose the UK for law and why law sometime in the future, but I thought i’d create this page to possibly help or at least motivate aspiring lawyers and especially international students. There’s a lot of law pages out there but few of them are run by international students especially on the GDL so here I am ! ⚖️ The GDL is an intense course designed for those who already have a Bachelor in another subject ( I did Sociology) where we “convert to law” and learn the English law curriculum in 1 year (2 actually) instead of 3. Next year i’m doing the Legal Practice Course. More on that sometime this week✨

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