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~motivation~ My motivation has been severely lacking this week. I think the exams earlier this month/the end of last month took it out of me way more than I realised! It has been so difficult to motivate myself to do prep and engage tasks for my workshops. I’ve basically done half of what I wanted to get done each evening which in itself is so demoralising! Trying to not beat myself up though and just do what I can - it is not worth stressing myself out and trying to force myself to do an extra 3 hours work when it won’t go in, as that will just be a waste of my time! A lot of my time working this week has been spent in this position - from bed😬 Hoping to catch up over the weekend (what else is there to do in lockdown tbh?!) and reset my brain ready for Monday! I’m sure I’ll feel much better when I’m back on top of things, but for now, tips for motivation please?!

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