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Instagram shot by liv.legally

Core Practice Area exams are over and I am SO bloody proud of myself 💪🏼 literally the toughest exam season I have had in years (probably only beat out by A Levels all those years ago) and there were times when I considered deferring an exam to the summer because I just wasn’t sure if I could do it. However I know that I put 110% of effort into every single exam so that’s all I can ask myself for. I’m so excited and motivated to start the elective subjects next week because these are the areas of law I have a genuine interest in for my future career! I didn’t realise how helpful having a ‘law insta’ would be during exam season, but seeing everyone else have their doubtful moments, seeing others revise and knowing they were going through the same things as me when it felt like I was just sat in my bedroom alone for two weeks was so so helpful 🤗 Bring on electives I guess?!

liv.legally (@liv.legally) posted on Instagram