Live Prospectus - by the people who know us best, our students

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Grace Ononiwu, inspired me to pursue a career in Law. I met Grace in my second year of college, she shared her story leading up to her position as the Chief Crown Prosecutor for West Midlands Crown Prosecution Service. I connected with her in regards to the hardships that she experienced growing up. One of which was she “did not have a silver spoon in her mouth” she accentuated that this factor did not determine her future but motivated her to work harder. Even though, people that she encountered along the way doubted her ability of becoming a lawyer, she did not listen to them and trusted her intuition. I hope that four years from now that I will get back in contact with Grace and inform her that I have finished the Legal Practice Course and received a training contract at a Law firm based in Birmingham. #Uinspire #Birmingham

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