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Hey everyone! It’s been a while! (I know) I’ve decided to revive this page as I promised more content in my last post almost 6 months ago! I wanted to give a quick update on my legal journey. I have been super busy over the last 6 months working on securing a Training Contract - which I did! I am super honoured and proud to have been offered a TC at this firm as it is a firm I genuinely see myself training, qualifying and having a long career with. As my TC starts next September, I have had to surrender my full fee scholarship with bpp_group and start the accelerated LPC with u_law in January 2021. I am extremely excited for the next stage and I promise (honestly) to be consistent with this page this time round! P.S swipe left to see how my new unfinished workspace is coming along! #lpcstudent #ulaw #bppuniversity #younglawyers #blacklawyers

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