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🌟RESULTS DAY!!🌟 To everyone on the LPC at u_law - I hope you all got the results you wanted...if you didn't, please don't stress about it because I can speak from experience...grades are not the be all and end all πŸ’• I love watching YouTube videos of people unboxing things, opening exam results and college acceptances and all random things like that. I just love the anticipation of it all and get so invested πŸ˜†... so I decided to film a live reaction video of me opening my results!! 😱😱 I'm going to upload it to YouTube later tonight or tomorrow so if you want to watch it ➑️ check out the link in my bio, subscribe and hit the bell notification to get alerted when its up ☺ *shameless plug I know* Now time to revise for the last two exams of the year πŸ’• #lawblog #lpcstudent #lpclife #lpc #ulaw #lawblogger #livereaction #resultsday #lpcresults

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