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Some of us have been here, some of us haven’t. Being rejected from TC after TC is a huge confidence knock, but there are ways I deal with it in order to not affect my future applications. I completed an application cycle last year and this year is my second, so I (unfortunately) have plenty of experience in TC rejection. Read on for my top tips: 🌸It’s ok to be upset! I am a big believer in having your moment to mope around and be mardy about sad/bad things. Bottling up emotions is no good and you should always allow yourself time to grieve missed opportunities. I give myself the rest of the day to be sad about it before I move on. 🌸No feedback? No problem! A lot of larger firms don’t offer personalised feedback if you have been unsuccessful. This is understandable as the vast amount of applications would make this process even longer, but it’s still a kick in the teeth. As much as this hurts I just ask myself - would I really want to work for such a big firm where I would get lost in the sea of 1000 other workers and somewhere that hasn’t got the time to spend 5 minutes talking to me as a person rather than an applicant? I want to feel valued as an employee, so maybe this wasn’t meant to be. 🌸I alter my approach to the applications. Is it my CV that could do with reformatting, or highlighting key experience higher up? Do I need to do more in depth research on the firms’ past clients rather than their values and ethos? Each firm is asking for something different, and with each rejection comes a new lightbulb moment of something I can try differently next time. I re-read my rejected applications and highlight everything I would like to focus on in a new way. 🌸Finally - don’t give up hope! Whether this journey takes another year or another 10 years, I know I am meant to be a trainee solicitor and one day the right opportunity will come along. My dream firm is out there somewhere! If you have any tips yourself on how you deal with TC rejection, please post them below!⬇️ ————————— #lawstudentlife📚 #legal #legalcareer #ulaw #lawblogger #lawstudent #traineesolicitor #paralegallife #universityoflaw #rejection

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