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• Interviewing and Advising assessment complete! • Today I had my I&A assessment! A tutor from another campus acted as the client, and the scenario I was advising on comprised of breach of directors duties (from business law). I feel confident that it went the best it possibly could. I worked on my feedback from the mock and spent time ironing out my performance and advice structure. Aside from the assessment guidance sheet we are only allowed to take 2 pages of notes into the interview with us! I condensed 37 pages of notes from the relevant workshops into 2 pages by using flash cards to memorise the larger chunks of info, flowcharts to help my brain piece together common routes of remedy, and used trigger words in my permitted notes to avoid using full sentences. The interviews are normally conducted on-campus but this year, like a lot of live client work within firms, the transition to online interviews was made. Could online interaction and WFH be the new norm moving forward?👀 Good luck to everyone else taking their exams this week! Next up ➡️ Wills and IHT ————————— #lpcstudent #wfh #remotelearning #generationonline #ulaw #clientinterviewing #legalblog

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