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• STARTING THE LPC • It is 5 days until I start the LPC, so why haven’t I posted yet? When I started this account I said it would be a way of documenting my journey truthfully, so this is the real start to my LPC! This post is not intended to drag ULaw and is in no way an outpouring of hate, but to document my journey I need to be honest. I am starting at the new Sheffield campus which may go a way to explain why nothing has been sorted. I have only this morning been able to order my textbooks, we have no access to our mandatory induction workshop prep materials, and no timetable. All we know is that inductions are on Tuesday, time and location unknown. I am so excited to start the LPC with ULaw but what should be a happy new adventure is slowly becoming a worry, and seeing everyone else starting to complete their work is making myself and others already feel behind. Like I said, this isn’t a reflection of ULaw as a whole and I’m sure once the new campus is fully up and running it will be amazing, but for now I am waiting patiently to find out what is happening. Good luck to everyone else who is starting the LPC this month! Let me know how your prep is going below ⬇️⬇️⬇️ —————————————— #lpc #lawstudentlife📚 #ulaw #lpcstudent #studyblog

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