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• STARTING THE LPC • Day 1 is finally here! My semester 1 books were delivered (all 17kgs of them🤯) and as you can see I was struggling to take a pic 🤣 I throw people around in cheerleading but let me tell you after 5 months off, these books were HEAVY! This year our books were delivered but in previous years and possibly next year, books will need to be collected from campus. When they tell you to bring a suitcase they really aren’t joking! I had my induction day today to meet my tutor and workshop group and everything is going to plan so far! I just have around 15 hours of prep left to do until our first module workshop next week!! ➡️ swipe to see my assistant helping me unpack my book delivery 🐱 —————— #ulaw #lpcbooks #lpcstudent #lawstudent

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