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• Semester one ✅ • We have reached the end of semester one and that means it’s Christmas time!🎄🎅🏼🦃☃️ The end of semester one means we are a third of the way through the LPC, and a third of the way through our core exams! Yesterday we had Wills&IHT and apart from the technical issues I feel like it went okay. Christmas will be spent revising for Legal Writing on the 4th&5th Jan and SACs on the 8th Jan. Swipe to see the timetable for the rest of our core exams➡️ We also got our mock results yesterday! I don’t like posting my exact grade % on social media and I never have done, as people get caught up with comparing themselves to you and it can get quite toxic and overbearing. What I will say is that I passed Real Estate and I’m very happy with my grade for that, I missed out on a pass for Business Law by a tiny margin... and let’s not talk about Dispute Resolution 😅 but like I’ve said before, mocks are there for a reason and if you really listen to your feedback and revise based on the comments you got, you will be fine! I may or may not post again before Christmas as I will be enjoying some time off with family so make your you do too! I hope you all have a very merry Christmas! ❄️❤️❄️❤️ (I tried to get a cute pic with my babe Matilda but this was as close as we got) #mockexams #lpc #ulaw #onlineexams #studyfromhome #catsofinstagram #christmasrevision #legalblog

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