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✍🏼 EXAM RESULTS ✍🏼 - Today I received my exam results for the exams I sat over November, December and January and I received competent (C) for all the competent/not competent graded modules and distinctions for all the percentage graded modules!!🎉 - Interviewing - Competent Legal Writing - Competent Practical Legal Research - Competent Solicitors’ Accounts - 75% Distinction Wills - 71% Distinction - I’m really happy with these grades, especially practical legal research as that was the one I was probably most worried about to be honest! - I thought solicitors’ accounts went slightly better than the grade I got, but it’s still a distinction and I’m more than happy with that! Especially as I’m juggling the LPC full time whilst working as a paralegal part time...I’d say I’ve pretty much smashed it! - Feeling proud! Thanks u_law ☑️

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