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Happy Sunday Everyone ✨ I just wanted to wish you all a massive good luck with your upcoming exams + assessments! πŸ’– I thought I'd share a few of my favourite songs, which I listen to whilst revising! Ngl, I cannot concentrate without listening to some music, and these songs keep me super motivated! I've kept the post a bit short today, as I'm still going over PCR. These exams will be over soon, and then we can look forward to studying our chosen electives. πŸ“š Don't forget to take some time out for yourselves during this exam season. 🌸✨ Sending you all lots of love! πŸ’– x #lastminuterevision #lawstudent #studygram #revisionplaylist #motovation #selflove #lpc #ulaw #studies #examseason

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