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📚💪🏼1 exam down, 2 to go 💪🏼📚 - (... and a research report!) - I had my first online exam on Monday. It went well and I’m pleased 😁 The word count was a bit stressful and Elite crashed for 30 seconds buuuut I did it 🎉 I put a lot of work into it but always end up submitting it and then wishing I included something else, or thinking I’ve misunderstood the question and worrying about it for days! Is it just me?!😂 - I uploaded a few videos to my story about how I found it and also some practical points that I’ve found useful for online exams, such as having the IT service desks email and assessment offices email to hand in case of any issues (thank you to lawcareersnet for that tip! They have an article on their website with tips for online exams!) If you’re interested in how I found the online experience it’s on my “Study tips part 2” highlight! 🌟 - I’m also checking my messages when I can. I always appreciate your questions and messages so please don’t think I’m ignoring you! I’m just mainly focusing on my exams at the moment ❤️ I’m so excited for exams to finish so I can get on with everything I have planned for this account. Some super exciting things coming up 🌟☺️ - But for now it’s onto the next exam ➡️ - Hope you’re all doing okay 💜

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