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🖋 BLURTING - revision tip!🖊 - Those CPA books are going to good use 🥴😂 ⭐️ I am such a visual learner so using whiteboards is a super effective way of learning for me. ⭐️ 1. I write down as much information as I can possibly remember for a module (in this case Mergers and Acquisitions). As usual, I try to colour code. Legislation / cases are in pink, here all Takeover Codes are in green, and most mind map bubbles are coloured in accordance with the colours I’ve used for them in my folder (for example my revision tables for Private Equity are in green so I used green to write on the board🥴😂). 2. Once I’ve exhausted my memory I get my notes and my book out and add in all information I missed or might have got wrong in Orange pen. 3. Then, once I’ve finished I’ll rub it all out (yes, v painful 😖) and try again and hopefully would have filled in the gaps myself and won’t have missed much the next time round 😁 4. I keep repeating it until I almost miss nothing 👏🏻 ⭐️ It’s called Blurting because I guess you’re just blurting out everything you know. It’s great because it’s active recalling and really helps you to retain information. unjadedjade called it Blurting has a video on it on her YouTube! Or lucydoeslaw has an article on it on her blog ☺️ ⭐️ I have used this method throughout my whole student life. I mention this a lot but it really is SO helpful 😄 Whiteboards are also FAB because the amount of A3/A4 paper I would waste on writing out mindmaps again and again was insane! My whole room would just be filled with paper 😂 But this way, no waste 🗑📝 ⭐️ Although my upcoming exams are open book, I find doing this really helps my knowledge. You still need to have a solid understanding of the module and specific subjects in order to be able to apply the information and law to a fact pattern in the exam. It also helps me remember where all my notes are in my folder. Plus, it’s VERY satisfying to look at 😂 🌟 Does this work well for anyone else? Will you try it if you haven’t yet?! Hope you’re all well 💙💜

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