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🧡🐰 Easter plans 🐰🧡 ft my new desk layout! Just need to nail my boards up 🤣 - Redecorating my room this week has been tough but so rewarding! My mum and I did it all ourselves, from fitting carpet to painting to putting up and taking down furniture 🔨⚒ My body is definitely feeling it! 😰 - That being said, having a project going has meant I haven’t done much studying. But, I am recharged and ready to catch up 💪🏼 However tomorrow I will be sat down on my 🍑 all day eating my body weight in roast dinners + easter eggs 🍫🥕🌽 Normally we’d be doing an egg hunt around the garden at my grandparents and spending time together as a family but I am remembering to be grateful that our loved ones are healthy and am staying positive. 🤍 - It’s also important to remember that when you take a step back from studying, it’s okay! You just need to work a bit harder to catch up. I’ve had a few questions about how to catch up with work if you’re falling behind so what I would suggest is: • Be organised. Make sure your folders / study space is as organised as possible. You might not know all the information in your notes but the key is remembering where they are. • Don’t allow yourself to get overwhelmed. Yes, you will have to do a few more extra hours but you are more than capable in doing so. Put on some music, have your workspace organised, open your curtains + windows, grab a snack 🍓🍬 and you may enjoy sitting at your desk a bit more! • Don’t be afraid to ask questions or voice your concerns. If, when going through the work you have any questions, write them down + send them over to your tutor or a friend. Your tutor will be more than happy to address any concerns you have + may be able to give you tips in the information you need to learn so you don’t miss out on any important bits. • Read the learning outcomes for the workshop. Skim through the prep task / workshop task so when you complete your reading it will all make a bit more sense💡 - I will be posting next week about how to stay motivated to study and positive during this time and how I am preparing for open book online exams! Stay tuned 🤓 - Have a wonderful Easter guys! Relax, eat lots, take it easy and stay safe 🧡🐰

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