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📚 💻 How I’m preparing for open book / online exams 💻📚 - Some of these will be obvious but others might not be! They work for me so I thought I’d share. These tips also apply for undergrad too, not just LPC 🌞 Sorry for talking 100 miles an hour in some, needed to fit it all in! 😰 - 👇🏻I’ve summarised each video below👇🏻 Leading up to exams👇🏻 —> Tab different subjects in your books in different colours + keep them clustered together. Use plastic ones + use white stickers instead of paper as they can rip ⭐️ —> Keep folders organised by tab dividers. Use a contents page to remind yourself where information is. Condense 1 workshop onto 1 page of notes. Use the LPC answered/Your LPC + hole punch them into your folders. —> Tab each workshop with a different page divider. Write down your workshop date + the workshop title to find it easier in your exam. Get used to typing out your notes instead of writing them with pen + paper to get prepared for online exams. Highlight all statute / case law in pink so they can easily be seen. Print out all flowcharts / test + feedback / consolidation notes. —> Stay organised. Write your to do lists + stick them up. Get a pin board to remind yourself of exam dates/tasks. Print out your timetables + get familiar with your desk🗃 —> Remember by association. Have things in your room that operate as reminders, eg a plant representing the rules in Hadley v Baxendale🤣🌿(or whatever) Have each stem represent the two tests. This will trigger your memory! Especially if your exams aren’t open book💡 —> Keep your folders on your laptop organised. Now Im typing up my notes this is so important! —> Only have the books+folders on your bookshelf/desk that you need this term 📚 On exam days👇🏻 —> Declutter your surroundings. Don’t have any distractions around you. We’re used to having nothing in exams but our folders/books on a tiny desk, so keep yours as clear as possible! Just have what you need with no distractions💻📚 —> Get a clock 🤣 We’re so used to watching clocks during exams so keep it that way! Youll track of your time better. Dont rely purely on your laptop clock🕰 - Stay organised and stay safe🌞🧡

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