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✨ Exam season stress ✨ - Anyone else just absolutely live for postit notes during exam season!? I didn’t even realise I had put one on my lamp 🤦🏽 ♀️🤣 - I’ve put together some tips to help with exam stress that I find useful 🌟 - —> Eat, sleep + exercise well🍌🍓I normally go for runs or rides in the morning + it sets me up for the day. Gotta get them endorphins flowin’, even just from a walk🚶🏽 ♀️🏋🏽 ♀️🚴🏼 ♀️🏃🏽 ♀️ —> Take breaks, even if you don’t think you need to. Sunday was a super slow day for me + even though I was up for studying I KNEW I would burnout if I didn’t try to relax, ready for a busy week ahead💆🏽 ♀️ —> Get a diary. Be organised with your time. Having some sort of structure to the week makes you feel powerful + in control📖 —> Stay tidy. Give yourself an organised study space + it will benefit you mentally. —> Listen to podcasts. They can be super motivating + calming, especially for aspiring solicitors. You also get a break from revision but are still being productive - lawcareersnet and thecorporatelawacademy are a couple of my faves!🎙 —> Pace yourself through panic. Sit back, hydrate yourself + get back to it. There is always a solution, take your time with it. —> Breathe. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed during revision, but remind yourself you CAN do it otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten this far (and these are JUST exams). You’ve sat tons before, these are no different, no matter how much pressure you may be feeling💪🏼 —> Minimise stress by knowing what works for you. I’m a visual learner so benefit from bright colours, but you may be an auditory learner + benefit from purely listening to lectures or a kinesthetic learner + have to physically put it into practice🎨🎧 —> Stay away from your phone. Nothing more frustrating being distracted when you’re in a good flow of studying. I use forest_app to keep me off mine!📱 —> Remember to catch up with friends/family but also know they understand you’re busy. There’s no pressure, but catch ups make you feel less stressed👯 —> Bake something. Nothing more rewarding than making some aesthetically pleasing sweet treats🤣 plus they’ll power you through revision 🍩🍪🍰 - You’ve got this. 🌟

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