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🐻 Simon presents my top tips for TC applications 🐻 - Thought it was about time to introduce you to my 7ft roommate, Simon 🐻😂 He was a gift 5 years ago + I just can’t bear to part with him (excuse the pun🥴). He lives next to my bed, under my desk, in somebody else’s room or laid over the bannister.. So I thought I’d put him to use! - I have a highlight that covers this in more depth on my page also. Remember though there is no ‘one size fits all’ with applications. Each firm is different. Tailor it! - —> Research, research, research 💻 An application should take near enough a whole day. Have they been in the news recently? What cases have they recently closed on? Who are their clients? Bring this into your application! —> Make sure you relate ↔️ During research you’ll find out whether the firm is for you. Why do you want to work there? Do you resonate with their values? Is there a particular sector you’re interested in? Would you want to take part in their charity events? Say so! —> Be yourself 🌟 Cliche but true. Don’t pretend to be interested in news stories or sectors the firm specialise in if you aren’t. They may mention your application if you’re successful. Besides, what law firm can help a trainee succeed that isn’t right for them? Even worse, who wants to start in a firm that isn’t right for them? —> Be commercially aware 📈📖 You can read the FT + listen to podcasts the night before an application/interview, but it will not come overnight. It comes from thinking about companies + how businesses operate. That’s what law firms are, businesses. They exist to make money + their clients money. Get used to reading the news regularly! —> Apply your non-legal experience to being commercially aware 👩🏽 💼📈 Have you worked in retail? Were you set targets? Were you faced with challenges? Were there competitors? Did this affect profits? Show them you are familiar with how this works. —> Be more than your grades🏅Good grades show you’ve studied hard but doesn’t show much else. Are you part of a society? Have you had roles of higher responsibility? A job? What are your hobbies? This shows a lot about you! - Thanks for coming to my ‘TED’ talk 🤣🐻 - Save for later!☺️

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