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✨Lockdown life ✨ - Inevitably, finding time and motivation to study and keep positive is difficult at the moment ☹️ read below to see some things I’m doing that’s helping me massively! - • Do a puzzle 🧩 It really focuses your mind and takes you away from the real world for a bit. Time flies too and it’s so therapeutic! • Do some baking 🍞🧁🍫 It’s super fun too if you put some music on (maybe not the radio as all news recently surrounds that thing we don’t want to talk about! 📻) • Get a project going 🛠🔧 This could be anything from making something, painting something, changing your room around, anything! It takes you away from your studies / the world for a while and you feel super productive and proud when it’s done! I redecorated my room last week and time not only flies but it’s made me even more ready to sit down and smash my studies! • FaceTime friends and family 🧡 Try and set times and dates every week where you have a catch up with different friends! Arrange a quiz night, dinner parties or catch ups on Zoom or Houseparty! This will keep you in touch with your loved ones and give you something to look forward to (because we all need that right now!🧡) • Start a diary 📖 Use it to write down whatever you’re looking forward to when this is all over - no matter what you use it for it helps get your feelings out onto paper and if you’re feeling overwhelmed at the minute it’s definitely a good idea ☺️ • Eat healthy 🍇🍉🍑 Plan meals! I’m a massive foodie and actually look forward to my meals 🤣 Eating healthy (ish🍫) during this time definitely helps with motivation. • Exercise 🏋🏽 ♂️ Whether that’s going for a run, walk or doing a home workout in the garden. There’s so much free content these days from fitness coaches! It’ll give you some fresh air and make you feel energised 🧡 after my runs I’m always so ready to sit and do some work. - Let me know what you guys are doing to kickstart motivation / recharge! 💙 - #legallylouise #legal #law #legallyblonde #lawstudent #lawaccount #studytips #motivation #studywithme #studying #postgraduatestudent #postgraduate #postgrad #student #lpc #lpcllm #legalpracticecourse #universityoflaw #ulaw #futuresolicitor

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