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Eating for your mind🧠🍇🍉🍏🥕✨ Whilst studying or working an intense role, it is vital that you look after your health and ensure you're following a balance diet, catered to the needs of your body. Some the best foods to eat, include: ➡️Proteins: these foods helps your mind to send signals to the rest of your body and create chemicals which improve your mood. ➡️ Antioxidants: certain fruits and vegetables can help to delay or prevent effects of aging on the brain. ➡️Omega-3: studies have shown that this type of food help your brain to work harder and can also improve your mental health. ➡️Monosaturated Fats: improves your memory and aids your mind to work harder, better, faster and stronger. ➡️ Caffeine: in small doses can make you feel refreshed and more focused on your work. ➡️Water: drinking enough water for your body helps to clear your mind and make you more focused. What study/ work snacks would you recommend? ( posted on Instagram