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◾️CONTRACT LAW◾️ - I have a love/hate relationship with contract law. I find the content really interesting and enjoy learning the units, however my mind is absolutely blown by the amount of cases there are to learn🤯 - That being said, I think I’m finally en route to grasping concepts a little bit quicker, and understanding the content easier, which I’m assuming is down to practice📓 - Currently going over and rewriting my notes for upward and downward variations of a contract just to get it to gel inside my head. We’ve got our mock exams to be submitted by the end of this week, and having glanced over the exam paper I think the tutor has been relatively fair with the questions provided, surprisingly I’m not as nervous as anticipated😂 which is obviously a huge bonus! - I also need to get my Academic and Professional Skills research trial finalised and submitted tonight, which isn’t my strongest piece of work but we’ll soon find out how that goes🙄 - When it comes to revising, I literally colour the page in different colours, then rewrite the content, then colour in again, and so on until I can literally write out the full unit without even needing to glance at my notes🤓 (it’s very time consuming though don’t get me wrong...) - #law #lawdegree #legal #legaldegree #lawblog #lawblogger #llb #university #revision #lawstudent #student #ulaw #lawstudies #lawrevision #motivation #degree #ulaw #lawschool #futurelawyer #trainingcontract #vacationscheme #fresher

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