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Instagram shot by lawcareer

Hi, my name is Sania Maqbool and I’m 19 years old. I’m entering the University of Law’s competition for a chance to win a week of work experience in a leading law firm in the UK. I arrived in this country in 2011 without speaking no English whatsoever. After overcoming so many barriers I don’t believe that am special but I do believe that with hard work and determination anything can be achieved. The people who truly inspire me are my parents as well as my community members. They have always helped, supported and encouraged me to achieve all my aspirations. Moreover, it is my parents dream that I become a great solicitor in future. Therefore, my ambition for the future is to serve this country a country that I view as my home. I believe I can be the voice for the those suffering in the mindset of legal battle as well as a representative for those who need a voice in the justice system. Finally, my parents passion, positivity and reassurance inspires me to achieve my career goals. My skills have developed a desire in me to support others. These two are my inspiration every single day. #uinspire#Manchester u_law

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