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Exams complete ✅ Time to reflect 💭 As a part time student I am lucky enough that my March exams are all finished (minus Law and Business but let’s not go there... 🥴🤷🏼 ♀️). Something I’ve learnt in the process is what method of consolidating my notes works for me. I rewrote my notes 100 times during the exam prep trying to find a way which was easy to refer to but covered the unit in enough detail. It’s totally different from the LLB! Going forward, for each workshop, I will definitely be making sure I have: ✨ one document with notes from my reading. I found this really helped me understand the whole picture. ✨ one document with condensed notes relating solely to the workshop outcomes. ✨ one document for workshop tasks - which also will include feedback and things I missed out first time round! What have you learnt, in terms of note taking, from the CPAs that you’ll be taking forward to the electives? 📝

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