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✨👩🏽 💻DAY IN THE LIFE OF A IN-HOUSE PARALEGAL👩🏽 💻✨ Happy Friday!!🌟 Anyone else glad it’s the weekend?!🙋🏽 ♀️ . I don’t have any plans and will probably just end up studying but wow 5 day working weeks sure feel longer in lockdown! I hope you guys enjoyed my lil day in the life of an in-house paralegal! Thank you for all your Q’s! I thought I’d answer some of the most relevant here: ‘What advantages/disadvantages does in-house bring for your personal development?’ Fab question!! Thank you! There are so many advantages of working in-house, there is less of a focus on billed hours, we are just working for one client so we can really understand and fulfil the needs of that client. (The company) I get an insight in to lots of different areas of a big company. It’s always very forward thinking and is constantly creating new exciting initiatives! Another massive advantage for personal development is the level of responsibility I was given from day one! Disadvantages are; it’s going to be a big shock when I go into a private practice law firm that focuses on billing hours, having many different clients etc. ‘What type of company do you work for?’ I.e industry and does this affect your work? So I work for a very big housing association. I had no idea the kind of work I’d be doing but housing law is SO interesting, as well as getting involved in commercial and many areas of property! It definitely affects the type of work I do! ‘Did you start there before you started the LPC?’ Yes I’ve been a paralegal since Easter of my second year of LLB ‘Did you find that working as a paralegal helped your studies?’ Absolutely, I found it so helpful, especially with my LPC and the real estate module! . . . . . #law #ulaw #housing #paralegal #lawschool #futuretrainee #lawstudent #motivation #womeninlaw

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