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Let's talk tabs. 📑 - I believe there is a misconception when it comes to tabbing, whether that be a textbook or legislation. When I was studying my undergraduate degree, I only tabbed the chapters of legislation I needed for a particular exam. Pretty simple approach, right? I think so too. However, when it comes to tabbing textbooks, its a "different kettle of fish" as my mum would say (still have no idea what that actually means?! When did anyone cook fish in a kettle?) I have often made the mistake of 'over' tabbing my textbook particular down the right side, and then beginning to feel lost as to what I have actually tabbed. Judging by what my lovely followers have asked me about, they have had a similar issue and feel as though they have wasted their tabs. Lots of fellow LPC students are shocked by how many tabs I have (it's like a rainbow 🌈) however, there is method to my madness and the key to it is simple. I tab the chapters in my textbook, and write what those chapters are on i.e. negotiation, contract formation & post-contract considerations. Of course you're probably reading this thinking "how on earth can you fit all of those words on that skinny tab" and the answer to that is, ACRONYM. See, more simple than you thought! This is a useful way of navigating through a sea of information. I find tabbing the main paragraphs within those chapters really helpful. I find the chapter and then use the tabs on right side to find the relevant area I need. As you will hear most law students say, work smart NOT hard, and tabbing is a prime example of working smart. So, there you have it, the tabbing mystery solved. I hope you guys find it helpful. 😁 #lawschool #lpcmsc #ulaw #lifeofanlpcstudent #mylegaljourney u_law

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