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Stress. 🤯 This weekend I had a real wake up call. There are times where I let myself become consumed by my stress and let it affect my productivity and clouds my mind. 💭💥 I felt like a deer in headlights for a while, and after talking to my loved ones, who are incredibly supportive and encouraging (love you guys), I soon realised that yes, I am overwhelmed, I have a lot on my plate and during exam season I have a habit of thinking I have more time than I do and loading up my (already) exploding schedule even more, doesn't make me a superhero and I MUST prioritise. 📑 I took my own advice and stepped on it with amending and printing my materials, and soon enough I was back on track. 👊🏼✅ Preparing for huge and intense exams is nothing short of stressful. However, as students we must also remember how far we have come and how much we have achieved thus far. 🙌🏼 I still have lots to do, and to add to the fun, there have been some changes to my first exam which were slightly unexpected. 😅 Nevertheless, I will power through. To all my fellow LPC'ers, I am with you. 👊🏼 #examseason #lpc #lpcmsc #exams #lawstudent #lawschool #preparationiskey #stress #studentblog #ulaw

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