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Hello! Here is my submission for the u_law competition, answering the question “Who inspires your career goals and why?” I recently had the privilege of attending a talk by human rights lawyer Simone George at my university, where she spoke about her amazing career but also of how she learned to live and work by her instincts. Her unique storytelling and candid discussion of how she found a way to practise both human rights law and commercial law was deeply captivating, and as uncompromising as the way she lives her life. Simply being in that room and hearing someone who lives and breathes feminist and intersectional values outside of academia brought tears to my eyes because that’s exactly who I want to be when I begin a career as a solicitor. Her advice and wisdom particularly resonate with me at this stage in my life: final year of my degree, applying to study the LPC LLM next year, and gearing up for training contract applications. It’s easy to lose sight of what you really want and the values you want to embody in the working world, especially in systems that aren’t designed to accommodate instinct or feeling. Simone is a reminder that it is possible, and I will always carry her words with me. I’ve been so inspired by Simone that I’m applying to speak at my university’s TEDx event next year to share my thoughts on the importance of intersectional feminism, something I had never considered doing before. I never thought I would have something I felt so strongly about to share with the public, especially as a TED talk, but listening to Simone gave me that self-confidence and made me realise that I do have something unique to contribute to the world. Knowing that there is a place in law for a diversity and inclusion to be improved based on lived experiences, I’m feeling much more confident about the path I’ve chosen, so here is a picture of me, happy and ready to dive into my future. #Uinspire #birmingham #law #feminism #intersectionality #intersectionalfeminism

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