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Who inspires me to achieve my career goals?👀🧐 One person who inspires me to achieve my career goals is a good friend standing next to me mils_10 🤩 He’s a pioneer, trailblazer and innovator in all his does and sets out to achieve, which one day I hope to emulate✨ Not only is he a man of integrity but a man of action who through his work helps others like myself to achieve their goals with his start up wearetapin ‼️ Having a mentor such as Mils is a blessing as he always motivates me to push through barriers which I never thought would be possible📈 For the short time I’ve known him, he’s guided me through many challenges and obstacles, and the only regret I have is that I wish I met him sooner.🥺 And that is the person who inspires me to achieve my career goals📝 __________ u_law #Uinsipre #manchester #universityoflaw #workexperience #competition #mentor #aspirations #motivation #law #solicitor

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