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Instagram shot by jermainelky

I would say that my family inspires my career goals; each of them play a different role in inspiring me but nevertheless, have shaped me into the person I am today. My dad’s self discipline and perseverance towards whatever he does, inspire me to keep working towards what I want. He makes me believe that I can achieve anything as long as I set my mind into it. He also reminds me that regardless of what happens, it is just part of the learning experience to grow and improve. My mum inspired me to become a mentally strong individual. She has taught me that nothing is constant and to adapt to any changing circumstances. She has also made me understand that when faced with a difficult situation that I have no control over, the only thing I can do is control my attitude towards it. My brother inspires me to be the person who calms and encourages someone who is stressed, because that was the person he was to me. He showed me that life is so much more enjoyable if I take life as it comes. My sister inspires me to be a kinder person as she has always been able to genuinely forgive and forget. She has also showed me to be kinder to myself. Her 101 ways to pamper herself has showed me that the only person that I should receive the most love from, is myself. 🤣 Everything that I have learned from my family, together with their constant love and support even from 6390 miles away - is what drives me to my career goals and the reason why I push myself. I hope that I can give my parents what they have given me, and be someone that they are proud of & someone that my siblings can look up to 🤗❣️ #Uinspire #Leeds #Manchester

jermainelky (@jermainelky) posted on Instagram