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It feels weird and almost crazy that I finished my second year of university almost a month ago. In ‘normal’ times I would be balancing my time between doing mindfulness activities, applications and working at my part time job. However, with the lockdown, my set routine was thrown out of the window forcing me to adapt my lifestyle. At first, I found this challenging, but by implementing some simple routines I was able to become motivated and productive again! - Tate and I recently watched a webinar where eloiseallexia gave a presentation. I found it very useful, so I thought I would consolidate the information for others to hear😊 - 🗓 Set yourself deadlines! The danger of having multiple tasks all needing to be done with no specific end date (making it seem ages away), allows those tasks to expand to fill the time given. Setting yourself realistic but optimistic goals will aid you in staying productive. - ⏰ Time Tracking! As a lawyer you will learn how to track your time, so that you are able to work out how much time you have spent with a client. There is no reason why you cannot implement this into your daily routine, especially when you're revising for multiple subjects. This will benefit your time management and keep you on track! There are multiple apps which can help you do this such as ‘Flora’. (You get to create a garden with loads of different flowers and trees 🌳) - 🤚🏼Know when to stop! My personal favourite tip which I learnt from eloiseallexia was to ‘Observe, Notice and Respond.’ Think of your focus levels like a heartbeat💓. Some days you will have high levels of motivation and focus, so will be able to knock out loads of work. Other days you will have low levels which may mean your body is in need of a break and you need to catch up with some netflix to get your focus level back up to normal again, (this is okay! 😇). - You're in control! By taking time to reflect on your routine you will be more productive and less likely to become overwhelmed during this unprecedented time. I hope this helps! By Charlotte💛

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