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Making the most out of your revision stationary✏️ - I thought I would put together a list about how to make the most out of essential stationary commonly used throughout the revision period📚 COMMONLY USED STATIONARY INCLUDES: - HIGHLIGHTERS🖍 An essential tool when it comes to revising productively🔸 Implementing colour into your revision can help make your uninspiring notes look aesthetically pleasing 🖊 Help to engage you in what you’re reading and consequently absorb crucial information🖌 The process of highlighting can increase your focus, thus encouraging and captivating your brain, enabling you to formulate a response to the information📕 - PAGE MARKERS 🗂 They are most beneficial when used to distinguish between certain subjects or topics 📖 There is nothing worse than coming across vital information that could be key to your revision, and subsequently not being able to locate it within your large list of reading materials📙 Great to use in exams when you’re allowed to consult your statute book - helping you to avoid wasting valuable time📒 Their bold colours help draw attention and focus to key information🧮 - FLASH CARDS 📂 Good for condensing your revision notes 📔 Easy to carry around and are good for sorting through certain subjects or topics🗒 A great way to break down and digest large amounts of information📙 They can be used to increase creativity and their visually appealing appearance can help to stimulate your brain📑 Allow you to test yourself to see how much information you can recollect 💻 - POST-IT NOTES💶 Most effective when placed in areas that you will regularly come into contact with📺 When used in a repetitive manner they can force information to move from your short-term memory into your long-term memory🗄 There bright and vibrant appearance grabs your attention and increases engagement🔺 - COLOURED PENS🌈 Great when it comes to utilising your revision time🕑 They help us single out the most important information, which can be especially useful when it comes to skimming through notes📰 Using complementary colours can help draw a distinction between certain topics🔍 - I hope you find this helpful!👏🏻

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