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~Organising Exam Folders~ Well organised notes are the key to good LPC exam preparation. However, it’s not always so straight forward and simple when it come to actually organising them in the most efficient way. Here are some tips when organising your exam materials: 1. Tabs: Using colour coded tabs to find information quicker. In the exams you have 3 hours to answer 4 questions, not leaving much time to flip through pages to find the right information. Colour coding your books/ notes saves so much time. 2. Index: Creating an index to go with the colour codes to help you remember which colour corresponds with which bit of information/ section. Across all 3 of the core modules there are a lot of sub-subjects covered, and so when you’re in a stressful environment not having to remember what each colour corresponds with takes off some of the pressure. 3. Streamlining your notes: Throughout your LPC you will be given heaps of information, exemplars, notes and materials, it’s important to pick out only the important information to go into your folders. As much as your instinct may tell you to put EVERYTHING into your folders, in exam conditions this amount of information will overwhelm you, and essentially slow you down! The less paperwork you have the better! 4. Know your folders: It’s widely known that the LPC has some of not most of its exams as open book, and whilst his may comfort you knowing all of the info is there with you, again you won’t have the time to trudge through all the books and notes. Knowing your notes, knowing where everything is (roughly) knowing what information you need, is equally, if not more important. This helps with the above, streamlining your notes, speeding up the process of looking for the information you need. #law #lawyer #legal #paralegal #lpc #ulaw #lpcexams #exams #futurelawyer #studygram #lawgram #womeninlaw #studying

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