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Instagram shot by elle.pc

~NEARLY AT THE FINISH LINE~ I cannot believe that after tomorrow, I only have 3 workshops left of each module before I’ll be officially finished with my first term of the LPC. Even more so, I cannot believe after that I’ll only have 4 months of the LPC left. Time really does fly when you’re having fun... —————————— And on reflection I really have been having fun, even though the work is extensive and I’m often tired and sleep deprived, I am really enjoying the LPC, unlike with my law degree I feel like I get it! I’ve had so many eureka moments where things have finally fallen into place and I understand a topic and it’s my favourite feeling! —————————— It’s time’s like that, that remind why I love law so much, because even though it’s complicated and time’s confusing, when you finally understand it it’s a pretty great feeling. #law #legal #lawyer #futurelawyer #paralegal #ulaw #lawstudent #lpc #womeniaw #studygram #lawgram

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