Live Prospectus - by the people who know us best, our students

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~VIRTUAL VACATION SCHEME~ In preparation for the Virtual Vacation Scheme with legalcheek in partnership with u_law, I’ve taken inspo from other law-grammers and turned my desk around to get a more professional backdrop. A rather strenuous job considering how small my room is 😂 (it’ll now be an obstacle course to get to my wardrobe 🙄) all in the name of professionalism. I am extremely excited to have this opportunity to network and connect with so many different people, some of whom I’ve already spoken to, but if you are attending this week please feel free to connect on LinkedIn or send me a message! For anyone else attending this week, or perhaps any other Virtual Vacation Scheme’s, don’t forget to utilise the amazing grid generously provided by cwolfe_lab to take notes! She has also created a fantastic tips video for pre, during and post Scheme with some super healthful guidance on dress code, etiquette and making the most of it. For further tips lucydoeslaw and legally.louise both have great posts/vids on the prep you can do in order to best prepare for any virtual events, I really recommend them! And lastly, don’t forget to ENJOY! #law #lawyer #legal #student #lpc #ulaw #vacscheme #vacationscheme #virtual #womeninlaw #vs #futurelawyer #traineelawyer #lpcstudent

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