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~STUDY FROM HOME~ I must admit, although very selfishly, this is not what I imagined my experience of the LPC would be when I first applied this time last year. Here I am trying desperately to adjust to my new reality and it’s rather taking a toll on my mental health! Something I have often spoken about is my mental health, and I have to say studying the LPC (more specifically meeting new people and frequently socialising) has really helped my mental health, and I became the happiest I had been in years. ————————— This new reality is very difficult and saddening for a lot of us, as I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way, and certainly there are those of you who have perhaps had a worse deal with this virus and had to directly deal with it! This adjustment is one the will take a lot of time. But I am adamant that as a community we can all help each other get through this 💪🏽 ————————— It is upsetting that after I had a lovely holiday away I have to come back and see the awful effects these events have had on everyone, and certainly that I have to post anything but an upbeat post (we like to pave positive here on elle.pc), but as I said we can all help each other through this 🤍 ————————— Please feel free to reach out if you are feeling the effects of the situation, I know moral and motivation is low right now (I’m certainly struggling to get myself into gear for the electives term) but we have got this 🙌🏽 #lpc #ulaw #law #lawyer #lawyergram #legal #paralegal #womeninlaw #traineelawyer #futurelawyer #study #studygram #lawstudying

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