Live Prospectus - by the people who know us best, our students

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~GAINING LEGAL WORK EXPERIENCE DURING LOCKDOWN~ The global pandemic lockdown has had devastating impacts on both professional and personal lives. Student are amongst those greatly affected, and understandably this can be frustrating. But whether you’re working, studying, furloughed or relaxing at home this is a great time to enhance your CV! Given the potential relevance of what you did during the lockdown for future employers, here are a few things you can do to enhance your legal CV! ————————— 1. Virtual events: Many law firms and legal content creators have opened up a world of possibility with their annual events going virtual! If like me networking events and legal talks weren’t as accessible before (perhaps due to extensive travel requirements) lockdown is the perfect time to take full advantage of most of these events now being offered in a virtual capacity. No travel required! ————————— 2. Virtual internships/ vac schemes: Similarly, with technology becoming more and more advanced, law firms have now been able to offer legal experience in the comfort of your own home. With firms such as Linklater, White & Case and Baker McKenzie now offering legal internship through InsideSherpa! Meanwhile legalcheek and brightnetwork are offering virtual internships/ vacation schemes allowing you to develop skills AND network with a wide range of professionals and individuals! ————————— 3. Volunteer: I’m times like this volunteers are really keeping our community strong! There are a variety of ways to help your community by volunteering; registering to volunteer for the NHS, donating to foodbanks, or even helping your elderly neighbours with shopping and errands they may not be able to perform. ————————— 4. Up your Commercial Awareness game: If like many of us lockdown has freed up a lot of your time, now’s the best time to read up on the latest commercial stories. Or even enter harryclarklaw and watsons_daily commercial awareness competition! Commercial Awareness is a buzzword for lawyers and a pretty valuable skill to have! —————————

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