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Instagram shot by danithebarrister

I GOT A JOB 👀 (Well another one 😅) So, if you’ve watch my latest YouTube video (if you haven’t LINK IN BIO). Youll know that I’m taking time away from studying to EARN! And LEARN! And just after posting that video I got a call with a job offer... it’s in an industry that I’d never thought I’d be in and a role that I’d never thought I’d be doing. BUT I am LOVING IT SO FAR! It’s in a self employed basis... I mean OF COURSE IT IS.. if you know me! And it allows me to continue with my entrepreneurial roles!!! I’ll talk more about the role and job once I’ve settled into it abit more. BUT YAY! Despite the current uncertainty and my own concerns about running a business and working for other organisations during a recession... hard work does pay off.. 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 #lawyer #lawschool #lawstudent #ulaw #work #workfromhome #onlinework

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