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Did I complete legalcheek’s virtual vac scheme? Yes 🤩 Did I print out the participation certificate purely for a photo with it? Yes I did 🤪 The scheme gave me such an insightful and inspiring week that I couldn’t not do a final post that captures how happy I was to be involved in the workshops, presentations and networking events. As a brief run down to the week, we covered:- ESG 🍃 (Enviromental, social & governance) Commercial impacts on a growing area of law due to adaptability and sustainability trends. Commercial legal markets 🏢 Exploring the relationship between private and in-house practices, whilst exploring drives and personal qualities. Legal Tech 💻 The importance of understanding smart contracts and cryptocurrencies within an ever-developing area of law. Financial markets 2021💸 The effect emerging trends have on SPACS, centeral banks and stocks. Life as a litigator 👩🏻 ⚖️ The reality of a range of contentious practice areas on day to day basis, and how prior backgrounds develop litigator’s characteristics. Employability advice 📃 The essence of being an effective follower compared to a Leader when starting your professional legal career. 2020’s trainee’s 👶🏻 The importance of being an ‘O-shaped trainee’ and personal development tasks that will stretch desirability. The Tesla economy 🚙 Focusing on sustainability within law via discussions on infrastructure and green energy. Digital Media & the law 📱 Looking at digital media through a variety of company’s obligations to consumers and the objectives each possess. Legal aid lawyers 👩🏻 ⚖️ The importance of legal aid and accessibility to it since cuts. Again, I’m so happy I took the leap to get involved whilst deadlines are approaching as it’s been a motivating kick ahead of assessments, whilst giving me an array of goals to work towards after this semester ends. Here’s to gaining a great collection of quotes and many new like-minded LinkedIn followers this week 🥂

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